One of the most famous toy manufacture company- Kidkraft, working brilliantly in the business for the past several years. They are, known to create toys for 5-10 years old kids and these toys are economical and made by harmless material. One such product is – Doll family of seven Caucasian, you can purchase it online or from a local vendor who has been, authorized to sell it from company. It has seven dolls and there we have two children, a baby, parents and grandparents. The size of baby is 3” tall and rest are 5” tall and this product is available in Caucasian and African-American versions, in Kidkraft dolls. Yes, do not contrast it with any racial discrimination at all. 

The product arrives in the standard packaging so that the dolls do not damage when transferred from one place to other. This is a pretty dollhouse for a girl who enjoys playing with such thing. The total weight of this dollhouse including the package is 10.6 ounces and can be easily, provided. Any kid from the age of three to 15 years can enjoy this and it is very safe. You would not find any sharp ends in the dolls that may harm your kids. Hence, you can be very satisfied that your infants have no threat of injury from them. 

Kidkraft dolls are of the perfect size to have splendid dollhouse. You can place them anywhere like in the kitchen, bedroom, toilet, etc. in the dollhouse. They are seriously very much durable and if you have misplaced any doll, you can find that extra part from the dealer. Yes, the furniture of any other doll toys does not work with that and it may be a drawback that you would not get toy-furniture with these dolls. At a cheap of $20, you will have such a wonderful thing for your infant, which is reliable and economical. It can sustain any kind of physical pressure and very easy to clean. The company provides one year of warranty along with this product and if you find a broken piece then you can replace it with another. Hence, we can say it is a complete package.

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